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Top 10 Digital Photography Tips. Use the Rule of Thirds. This rule helps you take eye-catching pictures by using one of the most effective rules of composition. Avoid Camera Shake. Learn to use the Exposure Triangle. Use a Polarizing Filter. Create a Sense of Depth. Use Simple Backgrounds. Don't Use Flash Indoors. Quick-fire Photography Tips. Learn all the rules so you can break them later. Expose and focus first, then frame your shot. Focus on the eyes. Prevent blurry pictures by. Straighten and crop when editing. Avoid camera shake. Make use of reflections. Portrait photography tips. ‎Quick-fire Photography Tips - ‎Photography Equipment Tips. Photography tips & tricks provide you with the skills you need to create work at a higher level. Discover photography techniques from the experts at Nikon.

27 Apr - 7 min - Uploaded by Professional Photography Tips Harness these 7 simple principles to jump start your photography: 1) Fill the frame 2) Simplify. 18 May Play games with them: ask them of they can see their reflection in the front element of the lens is a good way to get some eye contact. Fit a wide-angle lens and shoot without looking, poking the camera into their face. Get them used to the shutter sound and not having to look down the lens and smile. On this page, you will find the most valuable articles and techniques we have written to help you grow as a photographer, from basic photography tips for.

24 Jan Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. So along with some tips that I've picked up over the years, I've recruited some. Quick tips and expert advice from National Geographic photographers. 26 Nov Can't afford a photography course? Not a problem. Our 50 essential photography tips will help you get more familiar with your pocket snapper.


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