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14 Feb There are 2 type of mbm files. The following code work with ROM-type (most mbm on Z:\) only. >>> from appuifw import * >>> avkon. icon1 ="z:\\RESOURCE\\APPS\\", 28, 29). icon2 ="z:\\RESOURCE\\APPS\\", 40, 41). icon3 = appuifw. Download avkon2 it using xplorer 3. you would see three files extract and How to avkon2 files on unlocked.

16 Jun mornstarherbs.comcher[Dowload]. STEPS. 1. Download avkon2 it using xplorer 3. You would see three files extract and file is the header file usually associated with file, which includes symbolic definitions for each bitmap in the file. For example, an avkon. mbm. In theory developers can use built-in icons from and files . Problem is that this is not too well documented and the contents seems to vary.

9 Feb Extract & to c:/resources/apps. 3. Extract to E: or c:/patches. 4. Goto rompatcher to apply patch and add to. mod ''rename sisx to zip and extract '' * it contains 3 files, 1-''avkon2. mbm'' 2-'''' 3-''Avkon2 (mbm,mif) to E Nrmp''[use rompatcher with. You can either choose to use the following standard AVKON softkey IDs or map an "\\resource\\apps\\"; bmpid = EMbmAvkonQgn_indi_tp_idle;.


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