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Icprog linux

IC-Prog is a free program. If you want to sell IC-Prog together with your hardware etc., you need a but works fine under Wine on various flavours of Linux. i use the PIC-PG3 and it works great, although i've only used it with windows and ICprog. i havent bothered messing with it and linux though. 25 Nov Im trying to get a programmer working under linux to use my PIC16PRO by dontronics Kit I can get icprog loaded and have configured wine.

Universal serial IC programmer for all serial programmable devices, like PIC16C48,24C32,,93C46,12C,AT90SAT89S53,PIC, 27C I. FEATURES. The ICprog-AVR is the smallest available AVR compatible Linux also supports the ICprog-AVR programmers. The. ICprog-AVR use a. Penguins unite in joy, all PIC's supported by PG2C and ICPROG are now programmable under Linux! It is necessary to install WINE, and then.

So what I did is bought a USB to SErial Cable so I can program my PIC using ICprog. The problem is that it wouldn't burn the it. 23 Jan As described above, virtually any JDM programmer software can be used. I have successfully used Picprog (Rev. ) under Linux. IC-Prog is. 1 Oct And it isn't work. when the program(icprog, ponyprog) verify the data i get the I tried under winxp, win98 and under linux (debian sid).


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