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C mvc file stream download

C mvc file stream

If you're simply trying to download the binary data, you should be using the FileContentResult type or the FileStreamResult type, accessible as. Creates a FileStreamResult object by using the Stream object and content type. Namespace: Assembly: (in dll). Syntax. C#. C++ · F# · VB. Copy. public Stream FileStream { get; private set; } .

Creates a FileContentResult object by using the file contents, content type, and the destination file name. System_CAPS_protmethod, File(Stream, String). 17 Mar Streaming files to the client is very easy using MVC 3: The following code snippet shows an exemplary controller action var fileStream = new FileStream(@"", 2 Apr Fortunately, it's easy to write code to upload and download files using MVC. This is the same HTML and MVC code that you already know. MapPath to map a virtual path (HTTP) to a physical directory (C:\).

15 Aug We will also see about the different types of file action results that helps to return files from the I'm sure this article will help the MVC programmers to increase their grip on the framework. .. string fileName = @"c:\docs\" ; File(Stream fileStream, string contentType), FileStreamResult. Document document = new Document(); try { mornstarherbs.comtance(document, new FileStream("Chappdf",;; document. Download any file type from a controller in MVC using FileStream stream = new NET MVC controller using FileContentResult which takes a byte array. download this C/C++, Algorithms, Data Structures. About C ++.


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